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All of the Sagittite® range of materials are produced from powder alloys consolidated via the Hot Isostatic (HIPing) process

This powder metallurgy technique uses High Temperature and High Pressure inert gas to consolidate metal powder to form a solid structure.

Powders consolidated via this method have particular structural attributes which offer optimised mechanical properties.

The sequence of process steps allows AIMS to produce uniquely structured material combinations that would be difficult or impossible to manufacture with more conventional techniques.

We would be happy to advise you on how powder metallurgy HIPing could benefit your manufacturing route or development project.


Containment, or 'cans', are the holder for the metal powder during the HIPing process, allowing it to be consolidated into a specific part shape.

Cans are produced to a very high standard in order to withstand the extreme temperatures and gas pressures encountered during the HIP process.

As the design and construction of the containment is fundamental to achieving optimum dimensions AIMS is proud to provide customers with accurate and reliable Net-Shape containment for powder consolidation, solid to solid diffusion bonding or the creation of powder to solid surface layers.

AIMS also has access to a range of Hip unit sizes to provide cost effective processing economies, be this for trials or series production.

High temperature, pressure & gas combined in a HIP oven

AIMS display their cutting-edge degassing technique