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The specialist techniques of Net and Near-Net-Shaping are a unique way of manufacturing tailored components to finished (Net) or close-to-finished (Near-Net) dimensions.

AIMS has vast experience in the powder metallurgy field of Net and Near-Net-Shape manufacture, a process that offers significantly improved profitability through reduced material and energy use. This manufacturing method achieves a high level of dimensional accuracy thus minimising any post-processing machining.

AIMS has the ability to functionally structure materials within a single part which, combined with Near-Net-Shaping also fulfils any enhanced strength requirements your application might have.

Using our 20 years of experience in powder metallurgy and knowledge of HIP technology we develop and design containments to produce a variety of shapes.

Bimetal parts are produced by HIPing onto an already existing solid or using a combination of powders to form the component. These methods are a high-performance alternative to forging and casting where subsequent welding or brazing would be required.

Our unique Nickel-based range of corrosion and wear resistant materials are ideal for the harsh environments encountered within the Oil and Gas industry.

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