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  • Sagittite Chosen for Pellet Production

    As polymer compounds adapt to provide additional functionality, particularly for packaging, operating conditions in raw material manufacturing plant is accelerating the need for improved wear resistance, particularly in equipment used for pellet manufacture.
    Sagittite alloy grades developed by AIMS are being recognised as providing improved erosion and corrosion capability and re-equipping plant with Sagittite 10, a nickel based alloy, has lifted operational performance by a factor of 5. Users are confirming that processing downtime has been significantly improved and the consistency of pellet production within processing campaigns has seen a similar advantage. Standard parts have been re-engineered in the new powder alloys, but in the next stage of improvement the Sagittite grades will be applied selectively to create a composite part.

  • AIMS Optimises Extruder Production

    With the steady increase in demand for longer processing campaigns for equipment operating in the food, snacks and pet foods sectors, the demand for improved properties of critical components, ie extrusion barrels, has required systematic improvement to materials in direct contact with the product ingredients. AIMS, specialising in the use of Sagittite powder alloys has embarked upon a detailed analysis of the powder grades it uses for extrusion liners and through this work has established a further refinement of the structure and properties of its products. Since the failure of extrusion parts is often linked to wear and corrosion fatigue, the refinement of powder size and cleanliness has been of specific interest.
    This, combined with the already established practice for Hip processing, is leading to lifetime improvements over conventional materials by up to a factor of 10. With improved powder preparation and attention to process improvement, this is marking AIMS as the supplier of choice.
    Interestingly, this same programme of work is leading to cost savings which are being passed onto clients, so that lifetimes can increase but at lower prices than previously achieved.

  • AIMS Moves Toward Re-Manufacturing

    As the demands on extruder equipment increase, be this for Food or Polymer processing, the investment in new, high value materials has become important to maximise machine efficiency.
    Inevitably after multiple campaigns extruder surfaces are worn beyond operational tolerance, and this regularly leads to the removal and scrapping of extruder segments and the introduction of new parts. With significant knowledge of extruder operating practice, and the application of powder technology and Hipping to produce extruder parts, AIMS has commenced early work on the recovery of worn extruder barrels with the objective of refurbishing these parts,and returning these parts to active use. AIMS is seeking to link with extruder users who wish to take a more active and collaborative role in this work. Interested users should contact AIMS through